Monday, September 18, 2016 to Friday, October 6, 2016

We all know hard-working Stage Managers, Development Directors, PR Managers, Venue Managers, Stage Hands, Board Members, House Managers, Shop Foreman, Volunteers — and so many others — whose labor behind the scenes contributes invaluably to our community’s vibrancy. The Melissa Hines Backstage Award honors those dedicated individuals who make theatre possible and enable artists to create their art, but who often are not themselves recognized by curtain calls, reviews, awards, or even nominations.


You know who these people are. We are relying on you to tell us which worthy theatre contributors you believe deserve this important recognition for making an outstanding difference in the Gregory Awards season just ended (August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2016). Submit your Melissa Hines Backstage Award nominee by Friday October 6 at noon.


2016: Kyna Shilling
2015: Emily Leong
2014: Doug Staley and Roger Huston
2013: Laura Campbell
2012: John Bradshaw

The Melissa Hines Backstage Award is determined via committee, not popular vote – your submissions inform the committee’s starting point.

2017 Melissa Hines Backstage Award
Who do you think should receive the 2017 Melissa Hines Backstage Award?
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