Every year, TPS makes an effort to recognize those we have lost in the previous year.  If you know of anyone in the local theatre arts that has died in 2018 or late 2017, please help us compile our 2018 “In Memoriam” section shown at the Gregory Awards Ceremony.  If possible, provide links or a short bio of the person.  Photos of those listed and additional names can be sent to shane@gregoryawards.org.

Names already submitted:

  • Lance E. Babbitt
  • John Brookes
  • Betty Campbell
  • Dave Clark
  • Anne Fiser
  • Nick Flynn
  • Jim French
  • Demene E. Hall
  • Christopher James
  • Michael Loudon
  • Peggy Platt
  • Jon Pollack
  • Daniel Shelhamer
  • G. Valmont Thomas

Last update: 9/19/18