The Melissa Hines Backstage Award  is intended to honor those dedicated individuals who help make theater possible but who often are not recognized by curtain calls, reviews, or awards. This category includes but is not limited to production crew, stage management, teaching artists, casting directors, volunteers, administrators, board members, donors, and patrons.

This person will be honored for their involvement with the community over the last season (August 1, 2018 through July 31, 2019), to their dedication equity and inclusion within our field, and to the health of the greater theatrical community.

This honor is named after Melissa Hines, in memoriam. She was the stalwart managing director of the Empty Space Theatre, was a board member of various arts institutions, and served in the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.


2018: Ruth Eitemiller
2017: Louise Butler
2016: Kyna Shilling
2015: Emily Leong
2014: Doug Staley and Roger Huston
2013: Laura Campbell
2012: John Bradshaw

The Melissa Hines Backstage Award is determined via committee, not popular vote – your submissions inform the committee’s starting point. Submissions are now closed.¬†

This form is currently closed for submissions.