Nomination & Voting Process

Selecting the nominators

60-80 Nominators are chosen for the season based on a number of criteria. These criteria will be answered in an application sent to TPS regarding:

  • Range of theatrical viewing experience
  • Location and availability
  • Demonstrated understanding of theatrical artistry

Theatre Puget Sound and The Gregory Awards Committee will choose the nominators based on those who best fit the criteria mentioned above. Nominators are on a 1-year basis with the option to continue for up to 3 years without further review. Nominators will register on and include conflicts of interest, transportation, schedule conflicts, and other factors to use when assigning Voters to performances.

Previous Winners


Archival Nominee and Recipient list from 2009-2012 coming soon!

Assigning Nominators

  • 8-10 Nominators will be randomly assigned to each show eligible for the Gregory Awards.
  • Tickets must be reserved at least 2 weeks prior to opening night;
  • Theatres may choose if nominators are given 1 or 2 tickets;
  • The theatre is ultimately responsible for ensuring the nominators see their show; they will be able to login and see who is coming to their show and will be able to email the Voters regarding their ticket;
  • Nominators must notify TPS immediately regarding anything preventing them from seeing their assigned show.
  • Depending on the number of nominators, each will likely see 15-20 shows in a season

Nominator Voting

  • Nominators must register their vote within 48 hours of seeing the show;
  • Nominators will give a 1-100 vote on production and performances that they found notable – 81-100 outstanding/excellent, 61-80 very good, 41-60 good, 21-40 competent, and 1-20 not professional


At the end of the season, scores are compiled and calculated for each category – the top 4-5 in each category will become the “nominees” for each individual award.

People’s Choice

After nominations are announced, a poll will be released allowing anyone to submit a name for an additional nominee (“People’s Choice”) for the actor, director, production and theatre awards.

Voting On Recipients

TPS Members will vote on the nominees in each category; the highest voted in each category will be named as the recipient.